You may have heard the anxiety reducing claims about CBD oil. Itís certainly not snake oil. Thereís plenty of information out there about the ways brain receptors bind, and why more and more people are using CBD to reduce the following symptoms of anxiety:

- Social Anxiety

- Sleep Disorders

- Stomach Aches & Pain

CBD Oil has been noted as a holistic alternative to treatment for stress induced anxiety and for those with diagnosed anxiety disorders for which pharmaceuticals have not proven effective treatment. Often, those of us who experience anxiety attempt to self-medicate with intoxicants, a temporary solution that tends to exacerbate symptoms in the long run. CBD oil is a type of cannabinoid that does not cause intoxication, as it does not include the active ingredient found in pot, THC. Because of this, CBD is legal everywhere, and a low-risk alternative to traditional medicine and self-medicating through drugs and alcohol.

With all that we know about CBD itís surprising more people donít use CBD to reduce anxiety. Perhaps it is because of the association with THC. That is why LLEAF Dispensaries offers a product line COMPLY which is a THC-free isolate specifically formulated for first responders and those who want to make sure they are taking CBD that complies with HR requirements.

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