You may have tried CBD for yourself and noticed the benefits: less anxiety, better joint health, and overall sense of well-being. You may have also noticed articles extolling the virtues of CBD for your dog--but could it really be as good for your pooch as it is for you? We know that the human brain contains cannabinoid receptors, but is it the same with our furry friends. Here are some interesting facts and findings to help you navigate the world of CBD products for your beloved pet.

1. Dogs Brain's do Have Cannabinoid Receptors

That's right! In fact, they contain even more than human beings, which is why some dogs have been known to get a little bit too much THC when they accidentally got into those special baked goods. Not to fear with CBD, though, as a little will go a long way, but since it does not have psychoactive effects, it can't hurt your little friend.

2. What does CBD treat in Dogs?

Just as in humans, CBD has been shown to treat inflammation, epilepsy, anxiety, loss of appetite, and even jumpy reactions to noises (a particularly dog-like symptom of anxiety/PTSD. It's also possible to find CBD products that are relatively flavorless and odorless, so it's easy to mix a few drops into your doggo's delicious dinner.

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