Did you know that CBD is potentially a neuroprotective? First of all, CBD inhibits inflammation, including inflammation in the brain, which can often lead to problems down the road, such as difficulty with fine-motor skills and dementia. A 2011 study by Tim Karl and Carl Group showed that taking CBD regularly can actually promote the growth of brain cells.

It’s best to take CBD as a supplement or topically, but there’s nothing harmful about occasionally smoking it, as long as you make sure that your vape pen does not contain propylene glycol. Propylene glycol degrades at high temperatures, and inhaling it can have serious side effects. While the jury is still out on whether CBD can actually prevent dementia-causing plaque to form on the brain, the fact that it can inhibit inflammation and encourage new cell growth is for the win.

Although we may not all be scientists here at LLEAF, we do know from experience and experiments that our brains tend to function better when we’re not quite so stressed. With a number of amazing of amazing CBD-infused body products and edibles on the market now, we’re ready to treat ourselves and give our brains a boost at the same time!

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