Are you looking for answers for your Fibro issues? We know they are REAL and when know you would like natural options. Here is a great read!

* Cannabis may help alleviate some symptoms of fibromyalgia, a condition characterized by chronic pain, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and memory problems.

* Many people with fibromyalgia use cannabis products to treat their symptoms.

* The Handbook of Cannabis and Related Pathologies, published in 2017, indicates that cannabis and related products may be effective in treating some symptoms of fibromyalgia.

FIBROMYALGIA PAIN - In 2017, the National Academies Press (NAP) published a comprehensive review of the health effects of cannabis, including therapeutic effects. According to the review, substantial evidence suggests cannabis is effective in treating chronic pain in adults.

Few studies have focused exclusively on pain associated with fibromyalgia.

In a 2011 study, 28 participants who used cannabis for fibromyalgia ranked its perceived benefits for each symptom.

Among them, approximately 43 percent reported strong pain relief and 43 percent reported mild pain relief. The remaining 7 percent reported no difference in their pain symptoms.

A 2018 study of 20 people with fibromyalgia compared the pain-relieving effects of four types of cannabis, each of which had different THC and CBD contents.

One of the four types of cannabis was a placebo which contained neither THC nor CBD.

The study found that subjects receiving the two treatments containing high levels of THC experienced an increase in their pain threshold compared to the placebo, while the ones receiving a formula containing CBD without THC experienced no significant pain relief.

SLEEP PROBLEMS - The 2018 review from NAP referenced in the previous section concluded that there’s a moderate amount of evidence that cannabis-related products can help improve sleep in people with fibromyalgia in the short term.

In the 2011 study cited in the previous section, 81 percent of participants who used cannabis to treat fibromyalgia reported that it provided strong relief from sleep issues.

OTHER SYMPTOMS - Research examining the effectiveness of cannabis in treating other symptoms associated with fibromyalgia is limited.

According to the Handbook of Cannabis and Related Pathologies, most of the evidence assessing cannabis’ effectiveness in treating muscle stiffness, mood problems, anxiety, and headaches associated with fibromyalgia comes from surveys and observational studies.

More clinical studies are needed to come to any conclusions.

Based on the research above, medical cannabis might be able to help manage pain and sleep disturbances associated with fibromyalgia.

If you’re thinking about using medical cannabis to treat fibromyalgia, speak to your doctor. Cannabis can interfere with medication you might already be taking.

Your doctor can help you weigh the risks and potential benefits of using cannabis for fibromyalgia.