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Delta 8 CBD Chocolate Bar: 100mg

Our Federally Legal Delta 8 THC has an unbeatable uplifting feel.

Edibles: CBD: Chocolate Bar: 100mg

Delta 8 Gummies: 25mg

Our gummies will help you get relaxed, energized, and clear headed

Delta 8 Gummies: 25mg

Tennessee Body Balm

CBD balm that provides relief

CBD balm that provides relief

    About LLEAF Dispensaries

    LLEAF Dispensaries is a family business that is owned and managed by Sgt. Deanna Hunt-Barrett USAR, Ret. She wanted to help other Disabled Veterans and First Responders like herself. Her concept was to open a TRUE Community Dispensary for Herbal and Botanical Products.

    LLEAF is a legally licensed and permitted by both State and Federal Law. We offer the HIGHEST quality products at the most affordable pricing – anywhere.

    Our Staff is well trained and qualified to handle a wide range of customers' questions and concerns. LLEAF Dispensaries welcomes the walk-in as well as online customers with open arms.

    You can be assured that you will be given first class treatment whenever they visit a LLEAF Dispensaries location.

    LLEAF products are Lab Tested for Highest Quality

    Lab Tested for Highest Quality

    LLEAF offers the safest and purest products on the market. The performance of LLEAF products are studied thoroughly, and data sheets are available.

    LLEAF provides Exceptional Customer Care

    Exceptional Customer Care

    LLEAF customers receive individual care from trained and qualified professionals through walk-ins and scheduled consultations in-person or online. Contact us today.

    LLEAF offers Best Prices and Value

    Best Prices and Value

    LLEAF's superior products are available at a fraction of the price. New customers can even enjoy free samples at in-store locations. *Some exclusions apply.

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